Lipsense.. is it bad?

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought it would be some what beneficial & educational to talk about some possible dangers of the new Lipsense rave that have come to my attention. I decided to do some research on this product after my first encounter with it along with the many recommendations I've been receiving to try it out.

*I would first like to address: I apologize if I offend any Lipsense representative or user reading this, I do not mean to offend anyone or degrade anyone's business in any way! I just want everyone to be educated in what they are putting on their skin/lips & just share my experience with this beauty product.*

Let's start with the first encounter I had with Lipsense --

We were at a practice some time last month when our coach said that someone had asked to come show us a new beauty product. Of course, when I heard beauty product, I got intrigued. So the lady came - she's super nice, informative, etc. She's talking about this new lip stain that can allegedly stay on 4-18 hours.. So I immediately was curious and was thinking what in the heck is in this lipstick that makes it last so long?! So then, she lays out all the colors for us girls to look at, and everyone was over there swatching all the different fun colors to choose from.

First, you apply the lip stain.

Throughout the day, there is a glossy type moisturizer to keep your lips from getting dry.

It also comes with its own remover.

It IS cruelty-free & vegan, but that doesn't always make something safe.

I got up to go investigate the product & swatched a pink color on my hand with a small swipe. I was curious to the smell, so I smelled the tube. It seriously smelled like a bottle of raspberry Smirnoff to be exact ha. So I was thinking, "wow, absolutely not!" I looked on the tube to see if there were ingredients listed & the first thing it listed was Alcohol Denat. I looked it up, and it's found in alcoholic beverages that we could drink. Well no wonder it smelled like a wild Friday night lol.. So that must mean it's super drying. I do know that alochol denat is used in many makeup/beauty/skincare products, but I just wasn't sure that should've been in a lipstick. I'm not an expert or scientist at all, but I'm just someone who loves makeup and was just trying to protect my friends from getting a product that seemed unsafe. Especially, when I tried rubbing it off as hard as I could from my hand and it WOULD NOT budge.

So then, I looked up a more known brand such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, liquid lipsticks' ingredients and didn't see any sign of alcohol in it. I immediately sent a group text, "BE CAREFUL, THIS HAS ALCOHOL IN IT."

So my teammate, Nedi, puts it on. She said it tingled a bit, and the rep said, "yeah it tingles a little when you put it on." I've seen a few complain online about the tingling sensation (not a good), chapped/dry lips, and allergic reactions that people have gotten from trying this product. Once again, I'm not a scientist, but I don't think lipsticks are supposed to tingle when you apply them..

So I might not have tried it out myself, but I just wanted to share my research with all of you. I also want everyone to be aware and cautious of everything they are buying & trying. Be sure to do your research before buying any new product and look at others' reviews, blogs, etc. The Organic Bunny's blog listed below has a full ingredients listed in Lipsense including propylene glycol that's used in antifreeze for cars!

Thank you for reading!



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