Adult Life - Post College

I did what every parent's dream to see their child do. I graduated high school back in 2012, and on April 29, 2017, I graduated college from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology. 5 whole years went by so slow but so fast at the same time. From studying to dance team practices, I felt like my college days would never end.

If you thought my school days were over, they are definitely not! I'm also furthering my education with a Master's of Science in Health Informatics - the best part is, everything's online! I recently landed a job at Mercy Health, a hospital company, as a Helpdesk Analyst. I help doctors, nurses, & other healthcare workers with their technical issues and of course, the good ole "I forgot my password!" Also, in two weeks, I move out of my college townhouse and move into my own apartment. So adult of me right in a few months right?! I went from stressing out about where I would be working and where I would be moving to what color furniture do I want in my new home in a short matter of weeks.

Apartment hunting was definitely not the easiest thing in the world. I looked at over 10 different apartment complexes to condos. Naturally, I'm one of the pickiest people on the planet, so of course that made apartment hunting really difficult, but in the middle of searching for a job at the same time was a big factor due to location as well. I'm ending my second week of work now and still getting the hang of my schedule. I chose the 1st shift (7AM-3:30PM) just so I could have the rest of the day to do other things such as coach a dance team, hopefully get back to YouTubing soon, working out (since dance is no longer a source of workout lol), and other leisure activities. For now, trying not to nap after work is a struggle - those of you that know how much of a sleepy person I am, you can only imagine the struggle right now.

Getting everything packed up from my college home of the past 3 years feels strange but also very exciting at the same time to start a new chapter in my life post college. I hope to keep you all updated with my life along with my upcoming adventures soon via YouTube and blog posts. For now, I should probably be sleeping early or packing. Thanks for reading! In case you missed my graduation vlog, here it is below!


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