Happy 2018!

First of all, Happy New Year! So, it's definitely been a while since I blogged. I haven't been terribly busy, but I haven't been completely free either.

I used to be intimidated with blogging. I always thought I wasn't good enough at writing, didn't have anything exciting to write about, etc. But, that's the purpose of blogging - writing about whatever the heck you want and how you want.

So, like every blogger out there, one of my goals is to write more this year.

Rewind to a few months back -

Ever since my contract ended at my previous employer, I've been job searching, interviewing, still working on my master's, coaching, but also educating myself in one of my passions. Coming from a family full of cosmetologists/nail techs, of course I found a passion in beauty.

Back in October, I traveled to Indianapolis to get my Level 1 certificate with Xtreme Lashes. It took 2, 12 hour days to learn everything I needed to know on how to glue these tiny little hairs to people's natural lashes.

My class with filled with half new people, half returning for their master certification.

I remember going back to my hotel room the first night thinking, there is absolutely no freaking way that I can do this. There were people next to me halfway done with both eyes while I was sitting there still trying to figure out my hand placements!

Day 2: I ended up passing my Level 1 exam and leaving somewhat confident. All I needed was to practice over and over.

My first guinea pig that I practiced on took me 3 hours. My next friend took 2 hours, and my time is still at 2 hours, but I'm able to apply just about on each lash.

About a week or two later, I decided to complete training for sunless tanning as well. I always thought that knowledge was power, and I love learning new things.

Of course, practice makes perfect, but spray tanning was so much easier than lash extensions. Plus, it's winter time & I know everyone's looking a little pasty these days, including myself (lol).

The best part about learning all of these different services aside from it being a "side job" is the client's satisfaction. I get to make all these women feel even more beautiful about themselves whether it be me hosing them down with some brown colored water in less than 5 minutes, or glueing tiny little pieces of hair to their eyelashes to make them longer and thicker.

Also in the past few months, I've been helping my parents finalize their new shop, The Spa Lounge Lash & Nail Studio, opening up in my hometown soon. It's been a process, but it's so exciting that I'm old enough to help my parents with their dreams. This inspires me to open up my own studio someday because I really do see myself doing this for many years!

Any who.. Getting to add onto my title is awesome - Makeup Artist, Lash Stylist, & Spray Tan Technician - I got new business cards made, and I'm working on getting my name out there. If you haven't yet, it'd help me a lot by liking my Facebook page www.facebook.com/dangcourtney/​

And of course, let me know if you need any services for whatever occasion!


Here are some of my masterpieces in the past couple months!

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