Airbrush Spray Tanning




Ultra dark

medium clear



(Rinse in 1-4 hours)

mobile tan

Get a luxury spray tan in the comfort of your own home!

Includes shade of choice + quick drying powder.


Any Shade



in-studio tan

Visit me on the river in Covington, KY - my house is your house! 

Includes shade of choice + quick drying powder.


Any Shade



Glow up Party

Grab your friends & host a group party at your house! Hosts tan for free.

$35/person   4 person minimum

$30/person   6 person minimum

$25/person   8 person minimum

$20/person   10 person minimum

minimum includes the host

tanning bundles

Get a bundle & save! Bundles can be used for any shade & any location.

3 Spray Tans: $105 (Save $30)

5 Spray Tans: $195 (Save $30)


  • New clients receive $5 off your first tan!

  • Special group rates for dance/cheer teams are available

  • Gift Certificates are available for purchase

Spray Tan Prep
After care
  • Manicures/Pedicures should be done before your tan

  • Shower & exfoliate at least 24 hours prior to your tan

  • Wash hair if needed at this time

  • Shave/wax at least 24 hours prior to your spray

  • Do not apply lotions, oils, or perfumes after your shower

During Your Session:

  • Remove all jewelry & makeup

  • Deodorant should be lightly/not used before your spray

  • What to wear: darker swimsuits/bottoms

  • Bring loose clothing to wear after your session

  • Wait at least 8-24 hours before showering

  • It'll be fully developed & last longer if you wait 24 hours

  • Warm water rinse only (no soap) for your first shower

  • It's normal to see some color wash off, this is just the cosmetic bronzer

  • Avoid sweating for at least 24 hours after your spray

  • Avoid shaving/waxing for at least 24 hours to prevent fading

  • Keeping your skin well moisturized helps extend the life of your sunless tan, tan-extending moisturizer is recommended

  • Pools, hot tubs, long hot showers/baths will fade your tan

  • Nail treatments that involve scrubbing/soaking will remove your tan on the feet and legs